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EXOTIC DANCERS from all over the world contact us to dance in America, Europe, Caribbean & Asia. After you apply your application will be sent to the club you requested, we then forward you the club info. After you are confirmed a "confirmation/arrival email" will be sent to you once your application's been accepted. Buy your ticket & pack!

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WHO's HIRING? Our international stripper agency matches strippers with stripping jobs around the globe. We currently have jobs listed in USA, Paris, St Maarten, Iceland, Asia, Guam, Europe & the Caribbean. If you are an exotic dancer looking for work - in a tropical hot spot.... or an American exotic dancer seeking work in USA or abroad....our clubs are hiring!

WHO OWNS THIS COMPANY? Janet, a female ex-dancer who danced for ten years; traveled extensively & lived & stripped in Tokyo. Since 1990 Janet has travelled to Tokyo over 30 times. Other places she's visited are: Okinawa, Fukuoka, Osaka, Venezuela, Cancun, Puerta Vallardta, Mexico City, Vienna, Geneva, Madrid, Marbella, London, Guam, Netherlands, Lisbon, Porto, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Paris, Belgium, Miami, the Caribbean, Athens, Zakynthos, Toronto, Alberta, Victoria, San Diego, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Macau, Philippines, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Hawaii & a few others not listed here, but you get the idea. We currently have over 1000 exotic dancer members who are committed to working at busy upscale (clean style) clubs.